Guide to Buying a Watch Online

Online shopping is nothing short of a blessing from the Gods. Long gone are the days when one had to drive to the mall with card/cash in hand, scavenge the entire place just to find the right product (and at times be disappointed for not finding it), and then stand in a majorly long queue for the billing procedure. While the unavailability problem may still exist, the hustle-bustle of traveling to a mall and standing in queues is reduced for certain.

One thing, however, which needs special attention towards while buying watches. Be it of any brand, like Rolex, Rado, Casio watches, or Titan; watches have become the most frequently bought product purchased online. However, buying a watch online may get confusing. Here are some guidelines to get you through this process.

Understand the Physical Features

What must be understood at first is how the watch would fit in your hand. This requires understanding the dimensions of the watch by inspecting the factors such as diameter and thickness. With the average length being 38-42mm and some being as large as 2 inches, wristwatches with a rectangular face tend to be even longer.

The weight of the watch is also an important criterion. Above 100 grams would weigh heavy on your hand, which may not be preferable for many.


A watch is meant to be a very long-lasting companion. The reinforcements that are provided to the watch, so as to make it more durable, must be checked. Features like rubber encasing, water resistance, reinforced glass, and body material, are all essential for ensuring that the watch you buy won’t break because of slipping from your hand.

Technology of Operation

While mechanical watches (the ones which use winding of keys) are a thing of past, they are still a popular purchase among the antique lovers and vintage collectors. Quartz watches, on the other hand, are electrically dependent on quartz crystals and a battery for operation. Quartz watches require a periodic change in the battery while mechanical watches need constant winding of the springs.

Since mechanical watches are dependent on springs and gears for operation, these are more prone to wear and tear. Gear of the right diameter and teeth size are also rare at times, making their repairs difficult, time-consuming and expensive. Quartz watches, hardly suffer such errors, and if the inner circuitry is damaged, the entire circuit can easily be replaced.

Purpose of Buying a Watch

What is amazing about watches is that, there is always a watch for any scenario. Be it high-altitude or low-depth adventures, sports, formal parties or simply casual wear; there is such a huge variety of watches in the market that one cannot possibly fathom what to purchase. Certain brands, like Titan watches, master in making a particular type, while some provide good standards in all criteria.

The present era has marked a huge development in the field of watches. The introduction of smart watches and fitness bands have made watches a lot more than just time-tellers. With features like multiple display themes, step-counting, heartbeat sensing, activity measuring, calories counter, etc.; smart watches have proved to be the best option for people who wish a multipurpose watch alternative while looking tech-savvy.

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